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June 17, 2022 @ 9:30 pm - america cash pay day loan

Also I have a reliable save place to invest

Somebody who is registering 14 LLC companies in a year, is either very good or has found away to beat the system. Just my opinion of course.

Vegshark: Just for the record, I have nothing to do with any of these sites

I invested in numerous times before I read anything about the reversal of funds from paypal. I still think that there’s a way to beat their system. I have still been investing in , and I have been trying my best to save any evidence of what I have done. I have sent them numerous emails, and I have saved all of them and their replies. I even video taped myself sitting at my computer for one hour, as my transaction was processed. I think I have some pretty good evidence, (if i ever was accused of fraudental activity,) that would stand in court. I have even spoken with my attorney, and he says that if there was a reversal, we could take it to court, and probably win (with the evidence i have.)

Unfortunately the company has been involved in alot of turmoil just in the last week or so. I don’t know what happened but they were safe for along time.

No guts to publish the negative posts eh?

hello, i read the articles and i must say that is too true to be real. would love to ask a question has any one wonder why the payment is made via e gold and the income is made via apypal, while not back via egold account. thanks

Did any one of you with have nay problems when paying in? I have sent money to AsotPay via Western Union but it still is not in my account. I have also sent emails to the admin of Asot Pay and Asotinc. Hopefully I should get a positive reply soon. Will keep you guys posted. But I would like to know if anyone else had a similar espereince and what was the outcome. Regards, Vegshark.

I tried twice and they paid, both times were for relatively small sums. That was several weeks ago. I was about to invest larger sums, but I glad I did! Praying the chargebacks aren’t yet to come. I actually emailed them and told them I had alot more to invest with them and now I’m thinking that maybe they haven’t charged back my Paypal account because they’re waiting for me to drop the big bucks. Hard to believe people are so dishonest. Also, I’m emarrassed to admit I was so naive to think 50% every 30 minutes was for real.

Hello blogmaster: Could I know why are my posts about and Asot-pay not being published? Are you afraid to have any negative comments about them? Are you hand in gloves with them? Are you’ll running a scam? I have posted comments here but they have been edited. (it was no. 198) Why has the original one been removed? What’s going on? A guilty conscince pricks the mind?

blimey… and now it is up again… the minute I post as new one… well… I sure am totally confused by this…. Hey blogmaster… sorry about the 199 post! I was a bit peeved off since the money is not yet in my account and neither my post here… nice to see the post back..still wondering about the money… sincere sorry again… form the bottom of my heart. Please accept it.

If you read the original post I made, it was making fun of a scam that said it could make you the richest person in the world in a mere five days.

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